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We’ve been in the business of capturing perfect memories for over thirty years. Every bride and groom has their own unique style, which is why we place our emphasis on creativity and affordability. Our flexible wedding videography packages can balance the amount of video and photographs you desire for your event while ensuring that you’ll get professional work stylized exactly the way you want.
Both our photographers and videographers are certified professionals who offer great customer service and customized solutions for your event. We know just how to blend in with your event to make wedding pictures non-intrusive and beautifully framed in every shot. Even after you conclude your big day, you can expect a fast turnaround so you and your family can enjoy every moment caught on film. With high quality wedding videography and technical knowledge of our craft, you can be sure that every dollar spent will be well worth it.

Dynamic Wedding Highlights

World Readers Conference

Dwight Smith, "Why Reading is important

Malcolm Mithcell, "Why Reading is important

Scholarship Video

Winding Down to Whitfield, save the date

Winding Down to Whitfield Behind the scenes look